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Ep. 5 - "Back To The Old Jokes At Home"

In an exhibit set up like a comfortable living room, the Curator guides Grandfather and the kids through shows that would now be known as "situation comedy"...where the laughs came from knowing the characters just as much as the funny things they said. (Just don't open that closet door!)

Covers: Situation Comedy, Amos n' Andy, Freeman Gosden, Charles Correl, Kingfish Stevens, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jim and Marion Jordan, Wistful Vista, the Old Timer, Bill Thompson, Wallace Wimple, Gale Gordon, Mayor LaTrivia, Harlow Wilcox, Gildersleeve, Hal Perry, Doc Gamble, Arthur Q. Bryan, Fibber's Closet, Jack Benny, Rochester, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Mary Livingston, Burns and Allen, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Baby Snooks, Fanny Brice, Life of Riley, William Bendix, Digby O'Dell, John Brown, Lum n' Abner, Chester Lauck, Norris Goff, Fred Allen, Allen's Alley, Senator Claghorn, Mr. Moody, Mrs. Nussbaum, Kenny Delmar, Parker Fennelly, Minerva Pious.