This is Your FBI

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This is your FBI
Skyway Swindle (Audition)EspionageKidnapping - Shotgun Hadley
Escaped Pow's - Paul TurnerConfidence Game - William RoscoeWar Fraud - Andrew Rockland War Profiteer
Grand Larceny - Daniel Holly ThiefDraft Dodgers - Dr WoodburyBank Robbery Phil Bardo Arthur Clinton
Espionage - Cora Lee Williamson SpyThe Confidence Game - British Farm Equipment LtdAuto Theft - Charles Meade
Murder - John DixonMisery ChiselingEspionage - File on Cajunko
Misery ChiselerExtortionRobert Perry Impersonator
Bank RobberyFugitive Killer - The Scientific ConvictionThe Strange Extortion
The House on 92nd StreetThe Marriage RacketThe Serviceman's Fraud
The Desert DictatorThe Bogus BankruptcyThe Allotment Swindle
The Bobby Sox BanditThe Big BreakoutPearl Harbor
The Highway Hi-JackerThe Sorrowful SwindlerMurder on the High Seas
Crime in the Roaring 20'sThe Innocent KillerThe Cold Blooded Kidnapper
The Unwelcome GuestThe Sinister SouvenirThe Cautious Killer
The Corrupt CityThe Pan American PatriotsThe Castaway Killer
The Skyway SwindleThe Paroled KillerThe Wasteland Hideout
The Bogus War BrideThe Delinquent ParentsThe Nylon Hijacker
The Swampland KidnappingSalesman of EspionageThe Singing Swindler
The Carnival KillerThe Fugitive Horse PlayerThe Homicide Hideout
The Slaughterhouse SwindlersThe Sinister LighthouseFlowers for a Corpse
The Friendly KillerThe Surplus SwindleThe Sinister Shakedown
Death in the TropicsThe Walkie-Talkie Stick-UpThe Sinister Witness
The Would Be Movie StarLady of LarcenyThe Friendly Hitchhiker
The Careless KidnapperThe Return to the MobMurder on the Range
Death of a Draft DodgerThe Diamond Studded Double-CrossThe Night of Terror
The Curious Coin CollectorThe Sugar SwindlerThe Big Shakedown
The Honest EmbezzlerBlueprint for MurderThe Frightened Fugitive
Murder by AccidentReturn of the KillerDanger in the Jury Box
Operation RhumbaThe Swampland KillerThe Swindling Swami
Little Tough GuyThe Fugitive GuestThe Souvenir Gun
The Sunshine SwindlersThe Bow Tie MurdersThe Baby Big Shot
Hijackers IncorporatedDeath in the DesertOld Lady Larceny
The Innocent ThiefThe Divorced ChildThe Fugitive Pirate
The Vicious ShakedownThe Henpecked ThiefThe Used Baby Racket
The Curious PatientThe Juvenile ShakedownThe Unfortunate Daughter
The Henpecked SwindlerThe Wayward BrothersThe Professional Killer
The Reluctant ThiefThe Frustrated MiceThe Fugitive Traveler
The Curious CameramanThe Horoscope HomicideThe Mysterious Fugitive
The Big GuyThe Student of ViolenceThe Hollywood Horseman
The Curious CargoThe Return of St Nick(Repeat of 47-12-19)The Runaway Guest
The Trans-Atlantic Shake DownThe Merchant of DeathThree's a Crime
The Flying ThievesDead Man's TaleThe Meticulous Mobster
Friendly StowawayHelpful HoboThe Unhappy Firebug
The Musical Frame UpThe Big CaseoutGentlemen Prefer Widows
The Blundering FelonThe Waterfront FelonsFrozen Frame Up
The Innocent HostageThe Return of Saint Nick(repeat of 47-12-19)Bank Robbery Incorporated
Yesterday's KillersThe Delinquent DoctorA License to Kill
Larceny Goes to SeaLadies of LarcenyThe Hollywood Frame Up
Package of DeathThe Telltale CalendarVoice from the River
The Surplus Safe CrackersThe Fiery FugitivesThe Honeymoon Homicide
Campus ShakedownThe Mercy ManhuntThe Perilous Secret
The Muscle FactoryThe Handsome HeelThe Agent Apprentice
The Vanishing Witness The Black Market HijackingThe Musical Stick-Up
The Swing Shift RacketeersThe Flop House Frame-UpDraft Dodging Inc
The Gold Rush Stick-UpPrisoner of WarThe Phantom Bandit
The Dark JourneyThe International HeistThe Baffled Book Keeper
The Backstage ShakedownThe Prodigal HoodlumQuartet in Crime
The Floating StickupThe Jungle KillerThe Return of Saint Nick(repeat of 47-12-19)
The Temporary FatherThe Helpful CorpseThe Criminal Caravan
The Selective Service SwindleThe Continental KillerThe Innocent Hijacker
The Island FugitiveThe Penny LenderThe Canvas-Backed Frame-Up
The Tin Can KillingCaptain LarcenyHollywood Shakedown
Success StoryThe SaboteursThe Soybean Shakedown
The Runaway SisterThe Big FixThe Wild Ride
The ProfiteersThe CorruptorsThe Straw Hat Shakedown
Old Mother LarcenyThe Night RiderThe Return of Father Crime
The Mountain MurderThe TraitorThe Fraudulent Healer
The Runaway CorpseThe Tribal ShakedownThe Roaring Twenties
The Connoisseurs of CrimePost Time Stick-UpThe Adopted Thief
The Bogus HijackingThe Bad SamaritanGhost Town
The Curious FishermanThe Interrupted JourneyThe Tell-Tale Cargo
The HarvestThe HostageThe Tropical Frame-Up
The StrangerCitizen CaldwellThe Million Dollar Question
The Traveling BrideThe Unwilling HostThe Flying Felon
The Unhappy EmbezzlerThe Un-American PatriotCrime for Sale
The Innocent Santa ClausThe IntruderThe Toy Bandits
The Protection PeddlersThe Knock OutFiesta Fugitives
The Campus Crime WaveThe FaceThe Old Hat
The Unwelcome FugitiveThe Pay OffThe Skyway Man
The Cross Country FugitiveThe CorruptorsThe Phantom Hitchhiker
The Hollywood ShakedownThe Fast Ball Frame UpThe Masquerader
The LonerThe CourierThe Punch and Judy Shakedown
Man HuntHot IceThe Larceny Express
JackpotThe Respectable FelonThe Three-A-Day Fugitive
The Toll Tale CameraThe Five Fathom Stick-UpKiller for Hire
The Bridal ShakedownThe Sixteen Millimeter StickupThe Death Cruise