X Minus One

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Space travel and interplanetary encounters captivate science-fiction fans in X-Minus One, a sophisticated production with broad appeal, even for listeners who typically bypass sci-fi. Episodes offer seemingly impossible but unnervingly believable stories of people and places created in the minds of their authors. The highly successful program was generally considered adult entertainment but also enjoyed by older children who could understand the fantasy nature of the sometimes disturbing conclusions of select episodes.

The early episodes of X-Minus One were adapted from a then-popular magazine, “Astounding Science Fiction.” It was well done entertainment in the early months, but later original material and increasing quality of writing propelled X-Minus One to the pinnacle of sci-fi success. The program ran from April 24, 1955, to January 9, 1958, a time when the Golden Age of radio was giving way to television Many outstanding radio shows succumbed. But X-Minus One survived, and ardent sci-fi aficionados today are thrilled when they discover this enduring listening treasure.

And the Moon Be Still as BrightNo ContactThe Parade
Mars is HeavenUniverseKnock
The Man in the MoonPerigi's Wonderful DollsGreen Hills of Earth
Dr. Grimshaw's SanatoriumNightmareThe Embassy
The VeldtAlmost HumanCourtesy
Cold EquationShanghaiedMartian Death March
The CastawaysAnd the Moon Be Still as BrightFirst Contact
Child's PlayRequiemHello, Tomorrow
Dwellers in SilenceThe Outer LimitZero Hour
The Vital FactorNightfallTo the Future
A Logic Named JoeThe Roads Must RollCave of Night
Marionettes, Inc.Time and Time AgainPerigi's Wonderful Dolls
The ParadeC-ChuteSkulking Permit
Junkyard - Episode 39Hello, TomorrowA Gun for Dinosaur
Tunnel Under the World1,000 a PlateA Pail of Air
How-ToStar BrightJaywalker
The Sense of WonderSea LegsThe Seventh Order
Hallucination OrbitThe DefendersLulugameena
Project MastadonIf You Was a MoklinProject Trojan
Wherever You May BeMr. Costello, HeroBad Medicine
The Old Die RichStars are the StyxStudent Body
The Last MartianThe Snowball EffectSurface Tension
Tunnel Under the WorldThe Lifeboat MutinyThe Map Makers
Protective MimicryColonySoldier Boy
Pictures Don't LieSam, This is YouAppointment in Tomorrow
Martian Death MarchChain of CommandThe Castaways
There Will Come Soft Rains - Zero HourHostessThe Reluctant Hero
Honeymoon in HellThe Moon is GreenSaucer of Loneliness
The Girls of EarthOpen WarfareThe Caretaker
Venus is a Man's WorldThe TrapField Study
Real GoneThe Seventh VictimProtection
At the PostMartian SamSomething For Nothing
Discovery of Morniel MathawayMan's Best FriendInside Story
The Category InventorSkulking PermitEarly Model
The Merchants of VenusThe Haunted CorpseEnd as a World
The ScapegoatAt the PostDrop Dead
VolplaSaucer of LonelinessThe Old Die Rich
TsylanaThe Native ProblemThe Wind is Rising
Death WishPoint of DepartureThe Light
LuluThe Coffin CureShocktroop
The Haunted CorpseDouble DareTarget One
Prime DifferenceGray Flannel ArmorThe Iron Chancellor