Wild Bill Hickok

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Wild Bill Hickok rides the trail with his comic sidekick, Jingles, in this classic western that kids have loved since the first day it aired on May 27, 1951. Wild Bill’s name is borrowed from a real-life, wild west figure, but the excitement and adventures of radio’s Wild Bill are fiction. Chasing after cattle rustlers, routing claim jumpers and protecting settlers are just part of the job for the pair.

As television took hold in the 1950s, some wonderfully done radio shows faded. But Wild Bill Hickok took the best of both. The show aired on radio and TV at the same time, from 1951 to 1956, and with the same stars. Handsome and agile Guy Madison played Wild Bill and rode a horse named Buckshot. Andy Devine played Jingles, a larger-than-life character whose horse was aptly named Joker. Together they worked to tame the west, and the lawbreakers always went to jail.

First ShowThe Missouri KidThe Case of the Unlucky Seven
An Outlaw's RevengeThe Red Wagon JinxA Cave at Careful Smith's Mine
A Outlaw's BargainA Charge on Devil's MountainThe Road Agents of Red Rock
The Shadow Hill GangPress for JustineWarpath or Peace
The Secret of Arroyo DiabloGhost Town GoldThe Trail of Death
Trail Herd TroubleA Dangerous WeddingThe Fury of Savage River
Mixed BrandsFour Aces for DeathThe Mysterious Fist
The Range WarLoggingWhite Fury
A Blind TrailThe Men Who Didn't Come BackMission in Alamogordo
The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double EaglesBad Medicine at Dry GulchThe Vengeance Trail
The Voice of Echo CanyonThe Gold MakerThe Red Trunk Riddle
The Challenge of Sentinel RidgeWyatt Foster's SecretThe Wheels of Doom
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The Shawnee RaidThe Two-Faced Horny ToadThe Forged Fire
Secret of the Hard Luck MineRevenge of the Red ManThe Mark of a Killer
Dark Horse CandidateGunsmoke PassA Trail of Vengeance
The Treasure of the Old Number NineThe River Boat KillerThe Mysterious Bell Ringer
Gunsmoke and VioletBuckshot's VictoryThe Flame Riders
Fightin' the BitsPhantom of the Gold CircleThunder on the Plain
Big John and Little MikeDeath at Sunset TrailBattle at Bear Creek
Pettigrew's Prize PigJokes and GunsmokeThe Wild Miller of Payute Falls
A Shot in the DarkRescue at Salvation FallsThe Monstrous Toothache
Thunder and LightningA Snap for SnooperThe Secret of Sandy Hook
Deadlock at Silver SiteBullets at the Silver BellA Hornet's Nest
Jingles, the Ladies' ManThe Black Canyon GangAlkali Justice
Two Plus TwoThe Champion of Farro FlatsBandits of Badwater Country
Shotgun SwindleThe Rawhide WhipWhine of a Saw
The Du Caine RevengeBaron of the BadlandsThe Daring of Digby Dean
Letter of WarningThe Sunny Side ScrapThe Secret of Mile High Rock
The Queen of QuantrillsMayor of Mule MesaA Vicious Joke
Wolf at Ghost MountainJingles' BirthdayOne More to Get
The Secret of the Iron DoorThe Terrible CookThe Mark of the Claw
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