The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

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Captain Phillip Carney, master of the 78-foot ketch Scarlet Queen, navigated the sailing vessel to exotic ports, often with equally exotic cargo. Carney and first mate Red Gallagher’s gripping encounters range from a young stowaway and temperamental sultans to murder aboard the Scarlet Queen. Entries in the ship’s log identified destinations, and the nautical positions recorded were researched and accurate for each show throughout the extraordinary series created in 1947. “Position three degrees, seven minutes north, 104 degrees, two minutes east.”

The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen is one of the finest adventure series ever produced, with authentic dialect, richly embroidered stories and sound effects so real that listeners brace themselves against screaming hurricanes, whipping sails and crashing seas. Elliot Lewis who starred as Captain Carney was one of the entertainment industry’s most talented, diverse and respected members – writer, comedic and dramatic actor, director and producer – and meticulous in all he did. The only disappointment the Scarlet Queen delivers is the length of the series: just 39 episodes, with only 34 in circulation.