Vic and Sade

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Vic and Sade

At the opening of each of the thousands of 15-minute shows broadcast over the years, an announcer reminds listeners that Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gook – Vic and Sade – live in “the small house halfway up in the next block.” The couple and their conversations are as peculiar as the address. A myriad of friends and town residents add to the comical exchanges, but they are never heard. Listeners know about them through the Gook side of phone conversations, descriptions and during the Gooks’ dinner table talk. The family included son Russell and Uncle Fletcher, who added color and commentary to the sometimes zany experiences. (The family and fun returned in a 30-minute format for the summer of 1946, and audiences were delighted that some of the previously heard-about but not heard characters showed up.)

Audiences first heard the award-winning Vic and Sade comedy on June 29, 1932, and the pair entertained devoted listeners until September 29, 1944. Among them was President Franklin Roosevelt. The program is a series, not a serial, meaning each episode is a complete, laugh-out-loud chapter of life in the Gook house. The situations are as humorous today as they were when writer Paul Rhymer created the couple.

(Due to the limitations of early broadcast technology, audio imperfections may be heard in some episodes of this program. For most listeners, these sounds are minor and not likely to intrude on the overall enjoyment of the shows.)