The Story of Dr. Kildare

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The Story of Dr. Kildare

Young, idealistic and willing to fight for right, Dr. James Kildare (played by acclaimed actor Lew Ayres) became an idol for radio audiences at a time when doctors made house calls, answered their own phones and always had a hospital bed for any patient who thought he needed one. From 1949 to January, 1952, listeners heard the young doctor cross swords with hospital administration, diagnose baffling illnesses and cajole obstinate patients into accepting medical treatment. The senior doctor and Kildare’s mentor at Blair General Hospital was the cantankerous Dr. Gillespie played by Hollywood giant Lionel Barrymore.

Ayres and Barrymore also starred in nine Dr. Kildare movies between 1938 and 1942, and in 1953 Ayres was asked to take the Dr. Kildare role to television. He completed two pilots but refused to go any further, saying a medical show, especially one that children could watch, should not be sponsored by a cigarette company. The network wouldn’t back down, Ayres wouldn’t, either, and the television show never aired. (In 1961, Dr. Kildare finally made it to TV, with Richard Chamberlain in the starring role until the show ended in 1966.)

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