Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

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Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

The roar of a low-flying plane marks the start of another episode in the exciting juvenile-adventure serial, Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police. From 1937 to 1940, kids raced to the radio several times a week to hear the hero tangle with the underworld and fight crime alongside his uncle, Clint Barlow, and their often comical sidekick, Barney Dunlap.

Fifteen-year-old Speed is an accomplished pilot and a passionate student of secret police skills. His first adventure takes the team on a dangerous, worldwide hunt for The Octopus, the name given to the head of a crime organization so widespread that it reaches out like the tentacles of an octopus.

Listeners today are sometimes puzzled by the elongated theme played at the beginning and end of each episode. In radio’s early years, the music filled time that local stations could use to insert their own advertising. If a station did not have an advertiser, listeners in that area heard music instead.

The Octopus Gang ActiveSpeed Is Inducted Into Secret PoliceHeading For Hong Kong
A Shooting AttemptThe Octopus Orders A KidnappingRemaining At Wake Island
Speed Is MissingSplinters Into CustodySplinters Gets Away
Barney Flies The Mystery PlaneThe Trio Is Ambushed On GuamThe Octopus Plans A Surprise
The Arrival In Hong KongClint Suspicious Of Mr WuClint To Stay With Dr Kingsley
Hotel Rooms Are RansackedMarsha Is KidnappedThe Octopus Reveals Plans
Disguised As CooliesSpeed Is Knocked OutLeave On Bullet Plane
Speed Tries To Warn ClintShot At And Forced DownFlower Boat Is Sighted
Prisoners On The Flower BoatClint and Barney Are Captured)Speed Arrives And Helps Clint-Barne
Bob Gilmore Sworn Into Secret PoliceSpeed and Bob Fly To Help Dr KingsleyThe Octopus' Secret Headquarters
Speed Discovers The Secret EntranceA Trap Has Been SetTunnel Fills With Water
Water Continues To RiseDynamite Must Be UsedSpeed Is Lost In The Tunnel
Speed Is FoundBarney Heads For The HutA Teahouse Fire
New Instructions From The OctopusThe Octopus Continues PlansThe Octopus Puts Plans Into Effect
Speed Thinks Quan Wu Is A Gang MemberSet Up In A TrapThe Octopus Traps Speed And Jean
Al Taken PrisonerThe Octopus EscapesHiding In A Secret Room
Poison Gas Bomb ThrownHow To Catch The OctopusEveryone Ready For The Trip
Fighting Breaks OutHeading Into TibetThe Octopus Will Go To Black Pass
Following The Octopus To TibetMonoplane Is AirborneSpeed Talks With The Octopus On Radio
Follow The DragonA Tibetan AvalancheAll Narrowly Escape
The Octopus Plane SpottedThe Secret Police Are JailedThe Octopus Reaches Secret House
Pass Of The Iron DaggerSurrounding The Octopus' Secret HomeSecret Police Capture The Octopus
Kidnapping PlansBarney KidnappedThought Recording Machine
A False FloorA Secret Torture ChamberThought Helmet Taken
Blank Thought WavesBarney Found WanderingArrow Almost Hits Speed
A Tibetan FeastThe Octopus Visits Zee Ring's HomePicnic Planning
Speed In DisguiseSpeed Caught By The OctopusClint Saves Speed From Storm
The Octopus Pictures To The StatesMarsha Winfield Held PrisonerSlave Raids Begin
Clint and Speed Begin An Air FlightMarcia And Her Brother FoundSplinter And Wu Are Captured
Splinter Is ShotSplinter Is Cared ForSplinter Is Hiding
Marcia Recovers From Vapers Of SleEp0Shooting Breaks OutChief Tepo Catches Pilots At Black Speed
Open Radio AccidentAn Aerial Dog FightOctopus Plane Crashes
Ready For Attack On The OctopusTime For A ShowdownThe Octopus And Men Captured
The Octopus Jumps From PlaneAtlantian Syndicate InvestigationAn Airborne Fire
Safe Landing Is MadeFalling Into A TrapNo Water Aboard The Plane
The Time BombLeeds Kills HimselfDavis Shot By Octopus Gang
Davis KilledThe Octopus Is Still AliveAn Octopus Gunboat Outside
Trapped In Cave With No WaterEveryone RescuedMarie Is Stowaway
Smiley Is MissingIs Smiley DeadMessenger Arrives
Angry Crowd At CasablancaAirport DisguiseOctopus Gang Moves In
Power Magazine PlanStop Plans For ExplosionSpeed, Clint, Carlos In A Bad Storm
Dropping A SignalA Poison DartThe Octopus' Old Headquarters
Plan Flight To The Sahara DesertFly To Legionnaire OutpostAttack Repelled
Bad Sand StormClint Lands In The DesertDiscovered In The Desert
Octopus Learns Their LocationTricks By The OctopusA Ring Gets Them Out Of Jail
The Octopus Visits Are ExplainedEnemy Plane CrashesBoating Down The Congo
Speed Is Confronted By A LeopardLeaving CampClint Rescues Mrs Buchanan
Search For John BuchananBarney Hypnotized By Wings Of GiantTroubles With A Boa Constrictor
Fumes Overcome EveryoneIn The Path Of Cannibal AntsThe Octopus Suspects Trap
Warriors Help In Searching For HqNative Attack Near Octopus HeadquartAttack Stopped With Elephant Stampede
Search Of Headquarters StartedSaved From SuffocatingLeaving For Gorilla Country
The Octopus Prepares Death RayThe Octopus Overheard On The RadioElephant Grass Fire
A Jungle Crash LandingSurprise Meeting With NativesBarney Confronted By Talking Gorilla
Talking Gorilla Starts AttackEntire Camp CapturedOctopus Packs Up Death Ray Machine
Everyone Escapes Gorilla AttackAll Are Caught In Jungle StormJohn Buchanan Found In Hut
Surrounded By Pygmy HeadhuntersSafe Take-OffSpeed Missing Again
The Octopus WaitsCar CrashOctopus Gang Member Is Questioned
Clint Worries About LandingClint's Plane Catches On FireAn Octopus Agent Confesses To Fire
Desert Raiders AttackOctopus Camp Is ReachedDeath Ray Blown Up
The Octopus Finally Captured