Space Patrol

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Space Patrol

Buzz Corry, Commander-in-Chief of the United Planets Space Patrol, and his younger assistant, Cadet Happy, “traveled into the future in the name of interplanetary justice.” For five years, 1950 to 1955, both children and adults followed the Space Patrol’s exciting adventures in the 30th century, from exploring the life-threatening Valley of Dread and facing the Sleeping Demon of Saturn to upsetting plans of evil scientists.

Space Patrol’s edge-of-the-seat entertainment had two audiences. The program ran simultaneously on radio and TV with the same actors in the same roles in both, but with an unusual history. Space Patrol made its debut on TV six months before it began on radio, the reverse of the more typical radio-to-television sequence. When the radio series went off the air on March 19, 1955, it had captivated listeners with 129 half-hour shows. At the end of the TV run on February 26, 1955, the space ship Terra V had taken viewers – both parents and kids – into space 900 times during the run’s 15-minute episodes.

Hole in Empty SpaceCity of the SunQueen of Space
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Moon BeetlesStrange Gift of the New StarSeed Crystals of Zeldabran
Magic Space PicturesCaverns of VenusForgotten City
Prisoner of PlutoVenus Space FactoryCosmic Ray Detector
Secret of Sub-Level 7Treachery in Outer SpaceImmortal Brain
Indestructible GermTreasure of Planetoid 60Sleeping Demon of Saturn
Trouble Aboard the Super NovaPeril Over JupiterMenace of Planet X
Trap on PlanetValley of DreadEscape from Planet X
Spys from Planet XTarget JupiterReturn to Planet X
On the Ice Cap of Planet XRescue from Planet XSecret of Adargo Ruins
Iron Eaters of Planet XCyclone in Outer SpaceUnder the Sea of Planet X
Sea Monster of Planet XRevolt of the Space RatsBaccarati's Secret Weapon
Lost CondorVenus Tulania MysteryLost Dimension
Wistful Wizard of Neptune's MoonClaw of VenusMartian Masquerade
Treasure of Mount RocobRevenge of Dr. YeagerSerpents of Saturn
Test for SurvivalSecret of Dr. BorodeckZero Ray
Super Brain of Balmer CastroTests of the XK3Image of Evil
Captain Haggart's PlanetoidStrange VoyagerRed Demon of Venus
Mystery of the Masked MartiansTattooed AtomCavern of Fear
Rage Against TimeRobots of VortenaTrial by Terror
Counterfeit AtomFormula for CrimeDesign for Disaster
Prisoners of TirannaInvasion from TirannaVoice from the Future
Realm of the RobotFrightened RobotInvisible Enemy
City of Hidden DoomEscape from NeptuneLost Galaxy
Ambush in SpacePrison PlanetCrown of Dardeda
Shadow CharduPlanet of DiscordConquest of Dargeeda
Hermit of PlutoTime PiratesVoyage to the Future
Monster from the PastFugitive from Tolarma