The Smiths of Hollywood

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Smiths of Hollywood

The Smiths of Hollywood were introduced in each episode as a usual family doing average things. However, few usual and average families have a penniless British uncle show up on the doorstep with his worldly possessions in a suitcase and move in. Average families also don’t live near movie stars who appear in their everyday lives. But the Smiths do in this short-lived comedy that aired from January to July 1947.

Attorney Bill Smith is played by Harry von Zell, a versatile actor and popular announcer for a number of shows, including George Burns and Gracie Allen on both radio and TV. Well-known, British-born actor Arthur Treacher is Uncle Cecil Smythe (he changed his name from Smith to Smythe in England to sound as dignified as he thinks he is). Bill’s wife Nancy and daughter Bumps round out the family that scuffles with very un-usual and quite un-average problems each week, always with Uncle Cecil in the center.