Quiz Kids

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Quiz Kids

The Quiz Kids really does feature kids, a panel of brilliant kids whose ages range during the series from six-years-old to high school. The panelists listen to questions so high on the charts that host and “Chief Quizzer” Joe Kelly occasionally trips over them when putting them out to the panel. But the kids answer the quizzes faster than a camera click, and the easy-going nature of the show means humor, spirited competition to get a hand up first, and great family entertainment.

Can You Spell Four of the Five Following Words?Can You Write a Four-Line Poem Using 'Timbuktu'?What Story's First Line Is 'Marley was Dead'?
What Is the Name of the Largest Island?Quiz Kids Special Broadcast from Disney StudiosWould You Drink Aqua Fountus? (Guest Jack Benny)
What Should I Name My Calf?What Branch of the Service Wears Black Stockings?Would You Be Please if Varicella Paid You a Visit?
Would a Bathtub Drain Quicker if You Stayed in It?What Husband Gave His Wife the Only Name She Ever Had?What 3 Explorers' Last Names Begin With La, De, and Da?
Who Are George Allen and Gracie Burns?Name Two Words Starting with 'Su' That Sound Like 'Sh'Why Didn't Words 'Armed Assault' Disturb Police?
Can You Think of a Song Describing 1946 Xmas Seals?Who Hopes to Whip Cream in June?In What Field Does Detroit Hope to Be Proud of Growth in 1948?
Where Would You Go To Find A Hammus Alabalmus?Combined Symbols for Molybdenum, Thorium and ErbiumWhat Riddle Has Kept Visitors to Pittsburgh from Going Home?
A Nymph with a Telescope Looking at a CometDessert That Combines Baseball NicknamesArrange the Letters
Pennsylvania, Protactinium and the Third Sunday in JuneEighth Anniversary ShowWhat Combination of Names Means Damp Home for a Rabbit?
What Popular Song Is the Name of an Explorer?Tom, Dick, and Harry Where in the NewsWhat Skin Makes The Best Slippers
What Would Dewey Wear Into The White HouseWhy Can People Sign Their Name for a HersheyHow Does the Great Pied Hornbill Handle Women
If Hawaii Is Entered as the Forty-Ninth StateFish and the General's NameWhat President's Name is an Indian Tribe
First Letter of an Article We All PossessTen Thousand Eyes Were on HimNumbers 1-3-0-6 Held Before a Mirror
A Mousetrap, a Buttonhook and the Statue of LibertyThanksgiving PoemWhat Time is it in Australia When the Show Starts
There Really is a Santa ClausTwo Buckets of Water at Different TemperaturesChristmas Party
Similar NamesHow Are Fingerprints and Snowflakes AlikeWho is Known as Dean of the Cabinet
When a Woman Sticks Her Hand Out of a Car WindowQuiz Kids from Five Different StatesSymbols for Sulfur, Helium and Hydrogen
Sleep Was Under Control but Isn't AnymoreAtomic Numbers of Elements Are a Political SloganWhat Button Stayed in Place for Two Years
Blind Mice Plus Dead Man's ChestWhich of Seven Dwarfs Dipped in the River ShannonOutstanding Man Who Was a PM and s Now an MP
A Hackle and a Ginger QuillWhy Does the Easter Rabbit Always Have a Shiny NoseThe Achilles of Baseball
Diego Rivera Sounds Like a Nice VacationMiddle Names of American Poets John and JamesWhat Class of People in Washington, DC Rides in Carriages
Farm QuestionsWhat Sick Celebrity Had 250,000 VisitorsThe Kids Sub for Joe Kelly Who is on Vacation
He Threw off His Birdcage and Ran past the Woodpile Mammal's Lifespan and the Landing of the PilgrimsWhat Musical Key Might Suggest a Person Is Too Young to Vote?
Competing Against 5 Individuals from the International Trade FairGeographical DelegateHiawatha and Minnehaha
Labor Day Picnic Near Gambusia affinisBeauty Pack, Mule Pack or CINCPACKiwanis Club and Kids' Day
Who Should Have Written Betty McDonald's First BookTallahassee Is the CapitalA Nursery Rhyme, thhe Seventh U.S. President and a Pier
The Fraternal Order of EaglesA Song Suggests Which College Football PlayerRotary International
4-H ClubLions ClubElks Club
Christmas Questions and a Visit from SantaQuestions the Kids Missed in 1950American Legends and Myths
Questions About ScienceBaseball Player with Name of Moses' Father-In-LawBiblical and Ancient Times
What Kind of Necktie Would Cupid WearPast and Present News EventsWho Was Impressed By an Irish Bob
Twins from SyracuseDr. Medford M. Matthews and Walker BulldogsSt. Patrick's Day Show
Ladies of the American Legion AuxiliaryLive from the Shamrock Hotel