Four Star Playhouse

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Four Star Playhouse

Four of Hollywood’s best loved celebrities are the stars in Four Star Playhouse productions, all adapted from stories that appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine. Fred MacMurray, Robert Cummings, Loretta Young and Rosalind Russell alternated performances in these outstanding shows that range from comedy to drama.

Four Star Playhouse, which aired on NBC, had a short run, from July 3 to September 11, 1949. It was not for lack of quality entertainment but because of network competition.

CBS radio had lured the strongest and most popular programs away from NBC – Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy, The Jack Benny Program and Amos ‘n’ Andy – and NBC was trying to reclaim audiences by featuring a cluster of programs with Hollywood stars. It didn’t work. In the end, listeners remained loyal to the programs they loved, even though they had moved to a different network.

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Four Star Playhouse: Third Girl from the Right. Robert Cummings