Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon electrified young listeners with a 26-episode adventure that took Flash and his friend, Dale Arden, to the planet Mongo. The pair were captives of the mad Dr. Hans Zarkov who had built the rocket ship to find the source of the fiery meteorites slamming into Earth. The trio discovers that Mongo’s evil ruler, “Ming the Merciless,” is the source of the deadly meteorite weapon and a threat to all who are on his planet.

Super-hero Flash Gordon rocketed into our lives when he made his first appearance in Sunday Comic Weekly on January 4, 1934, and remained there as an intergalactic champion until 2003. The sci-fi idol starred in multiple movies, fought destructive forces in comic books, battled interplanetary threats on television from 1954 to 1955, but best of all, from April through October, 1935, he came to life in the minds of listeners who gathered around the radio.

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Flash Gordon: On The Planet Mongo