Eternal Light

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The Eternal Light
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Eternal Light: Jacob and the Indians

A Rhode Island RefugeEmmanuel - God with UsJacob and the Indian
The Tabernacle in Duke's PlaceThe Black DeathThe Candelabra of the Steppes
The Temple of the K'ai'feng'fuMaimonidesThe Maccabees
The Founding of the SynagogueThe Vineyard of YabnehEsther the Queen
The Life Of Solomon ScheshterThe Life of Rabbi Israel SalanterThe Microscope and the Prayer Shawl (Life of Dr Waldemar Haffkine)
Mr. Lincoln and the RabbiThe Life of Rebecca GratzEmma Lazarus - A Modern Esther (last 10 min missing)
The Life of Sholom AleichemThe Life of Cyrus AdlerIsaac Mayer Wise
A Second ExodusThe Seed and the DreamHenrietta Szold
The Death of AkibaThe Book of RuthAs a Driven Leaf
Story of an AmericanThe LieThe Bar Mitzvah of Private Cohen
The Jukebox Boys and the SynagogueHear Ye, Sons, Part 1Hear Ye, Sons, Part 2
The Man Who Flew to HeavenJeremiahJoseph and His Brothers Pt 1 - Young Joseph
Special Broadcast for the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving fJoseph and His Brothers Pt 2 - Joseph in EgyptJoseph and His Brothers Pt 3 - Joseph the Provider
If Not HigherThe TalmudThe Unbroken Circle
Lillian WaldThe Day of the ShadowThomas Kennedy
The Lantern in the InfernoA Chassidic TakeA Sound of Music
The Voice of RachelJonahThe Parable of Reb Yisroel
My Cousin AvigdorThe Sabbath of Chayim, the PorterThe Postmaster of Quincy (Rpt of 46-02-10)
The Pastor of EindhovenMoses MendelssohnThe Ransom of Rabbi Meir
My Favorite AssassinThe Great Purim ScandalRachel
The Cow That CoughedThe Hand of the HunterThe Tender Grass
When I Think of SerayaA Quiet Life in HampshireTo Conquer the Sea
A Pity for the LivingThe Savior of BarnowHunger
The Scroll on the DoorpostFor a Suit of New ClothesTo the Disinherited
The Wise Men of ChelmThe Wandering of the Little MelodyJob, Pt 1
Job, Pt 2AthalieThe Would-Be Pauper
Nathan the WiseI Believe, I BelieveBrandeis
Chronicle of the DeadThe Miracle of Hasbono RaboIsiah and the United Nations
The PocketknifeThe Third AttributeThe Four Spinsters of Gimel
How They Knocked the Devil out of Uncle EzraJacob's LadderThe Mark of Cain
American FarmerThe Girl Without a Name