The Columbia Workshop

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Columbia Workshop

Listeners had never heard anything quite like it before, because nothing quite like it had existed before. In 1936, The Columbia Workshop was a performing arts pioneer that introduced classical theater to sophisticated audiences. The audio dramas tested everything to the extreme: sound effects; scripts that embraced realism; theatrical-style acting; and a freedom to create. Today, The Columbia Workshop is described as an experimental anthology of audio drama. Audiences still enjoy the productions as much as when they were first heard in the infant years of radio.

Radio entertainment was only 10 years old when The Columbia Workshop arrived. Listeners were accustomed to hearing soap operas, amusing comedies, music and variety programs, news … nothing the likes of audio drama with authentic stage movements, cutting-edge sound equipment and innovative broadcasting techniques. It broke new ground in audio theater and ran at various times until 1957, followed by The CBS Radio Workshop, which continued the experimental theme.