Casey Crime Photographer

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Casey Crime Photographer

A mystery, a crime and a newspaper photographer on the prowl is an unbeatable combination for an entertaining radio show. Meet Casey, Crime Photographer, who wasn’t a detective but always wound up solving a case. As with many crime shows, the star character (aka Casey) sometimes directed police investigators and always wedged himself into places he shouldn’t be. The program is a great example of how classic radio scripts could tiptoe around reality and turn into shows that are just plain fun to listen to.

Casey, Crime Photographer had a litany of different titles during its run, from 1943 to 1955, but the name Casey was always in there. Every show opened with Casey and Ann, his newspaper-reporter girlfriend, in a brief, humorous exchange with Ethelbert, the bartender at the Blue Note Café. Jazz lovers may recognize the flawless music in the background. Several musicians created the music magic during the life of the show, among them pianist Teddy Wilson, one of the Benny Goodman trio that formed in the mid-1930s and included master drummer, Gene Krupa.

The Case of the Switched Plates (Flash-Gun Casey)The Clue in the CloudsThe Reunion
A Tooth for ToothThe Red RaincoatThe Handkerchief
The Duke of Skid RowChristmas ShoppingThe Surprising Corpse
The Gray KittenThe Twenty Minute AlibiThe Mysterious Lodger
The Demon MinerSpecial Presentation for Anchor Hocking SalesmanThe Box of Death
The Gentle StranglerKing of the ApesThe Laughing Killer
Pick-UpAcquittedThe Lady Killer
Self-Made Hero (2nd Repeat of 36)Photo of the DeadBright New Star
Death In Lovers Lane (Anchor-Hocking's 1st Anniversary show)The Chivalrous GunmanThe Busman's Holiday
Hide-OutThe Loaded DiceGraveyard Gertie (Repeat of 128)
The Tobacco PouchThe Treasure CaveThe Miscarriage of Justice
The Wedding BreakfastThe Camera BugThe Lady in Distress
Great Grandfather's Rent ReceiptThe Case of the Blonde LipstickToo Many Angels
Earned Reward (Repeat of 122)After Turkey - The BillThe Serpent Goddess
The New WillThe Life of the PartyThe Santa Claus of Bums' Blvd
Hot New Year's PartyQueen of the AmazonsThe Miracle
Ex-ConvictThe Piggy Bank RobberyMusic to Die By
Key WitnessWitchcraftThe Fix
Tough GuyFogMurder in Black and White
Blind JusticeHolidayThe Scene of the Crime
The WolverineCupid Is a Killer (Repeat of 112)Sell-Out (Begin Philip Morris sponsor)
The Death of a StrangerThe Snow BallThe Coffin
ThunderboltThe Upholsterer (AFRS)Wanted -- A Gun
The Bad Little BabeThe FireThe Disappearance of Mr Dizzel
The SuicideUnlucky NumbersThe Upholsterer (Repeat of 315)(AFRS)
The Road Angel (Series returns to air)Source of Information