Captain Hudson

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Captain Hudson

Audio Cinema Entertainment Inc. (A.C.E) is releasing The Adventures of Captain Hudson: The Lost Mines of Paradise. A.C.E. is an independent production company dedicated to creating Original Audio Plays with a quality and scope seldom attained by others in this art form.

The first of many shows to come, The Adventures of Captain Hudson: The Lost Mines of Paradise is a Feature Length Audio mini-series digitally mastered in stereo. While inspired by the Golden Age of Radio, this audio production is a quantum leap forward in the art form. This original story is brought to life by a talented cast, movie quality digital sound effects, and a fully orchestrated music score. Packaging consists of beautiful original artwork and a full eight-page insert booklet with credits and other liner notes. This, the pilot episode, takes place primarily in late October 1936. The economic hardships of the depression have given birth to criminals of opportunity. One of its darker offspring, driven by greed, a thirst for power, and the desire for revenge, orchestrates the activities of an elusive crime ring, and ultimately threatens the life of our reluctant hero, Captain Jim Hudson.

Once a celebrated Racing Pilot in the early 1930's, Hudson now pilots a DC-3 cargo plane with his loyal flight mechanic, Flaps, while trying to make ends meet in the lean days of the 30's. When a simple delivery to a remote mining camp in the Arizona desert offers Hudson a chance for a big payday, his nose for curiosity turns up more than he bargained for. In a strange circle of events, an artifact thought to have been at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean with other sunken treasures, and a theft at the National Mint, has the FBI in pursuit of the perpetrators. The intrigue builds as Hudson and his crew, together with the FBI, embarks on an adventure that will change their lives forever ­ This is the beginning of The Adventures of Captain Hudson.