The Campbell Playhouse

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Campbell Playhouse

Plays, adaptations of literary classics, comedy and drama, The Campbell Playhouse continues to treat theater lovers to some of the greatest performances in audio history. Orson Welles – the acclaimed actor, writer, director and producer – directed and starred in The Campbell Playhouse, and from 1938 to 1941, he introduced a weekly, one-hour show.

The Campbell Playhouse (sponsored by Campbell Soups) was a continuation of the popular program, Mercury Theater on the Air, also with Orson Welles. On October 30, 1938, Welles catapulted himself into entertainment and national history with a Mercury Theater adaptation of H. G. Wells’ sci-fi novel, “The War of the Worlds.” The extraordinary broadcast depicted a Martian invasion with performances so electrifying that the show ignited panic in cities and communities across the country. Welles and CBS were stunned by the reaction. Not only had listeners tuned in to a theatrical program, H. G. Wells’ novel had been in circulation since 1898, and the broadcast was punctuated with reminders that audiences were listening to a dramatization.

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Campbell Playhouse: Counselor At Law