Big Jon & Sparkie

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Big Jon & Sparkie

Big Jon and Sparkie enchanted young listeners five days a week with the adventures of a whole community of make-believe characters. Sparkie was the fantasy friend of Big Jon, the only grownup on the 15-minute program. Big Jon had wonderful pretend times with his imaginary friends – Ukie Betcha the cab driver, Mayor Plumpfront, Sparkie’s little dog, Bunny and many more. He managed to guide the gang through strange events, accompany them on mysterious journeys and help them solve worrisome problems.

Big Jon in real life was Jon Arthur, and Sparkie was “the little elf from the land of make-believe.” Almost immediately after Big Jon and Sparkie began, the little elf and his friends added a weekly show on Saturdays that ranged from 90 minutes to two hours. The weekend program was named No School Today and opened with the playful theme music, “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic.”

From 1950 to 1958, Jon Arthur entertained little ones (and entire families) with the characters he created and voiced, about 200 of them before the pair said goodbye and vanished into the magical land of pretend. Little listener or grownup, it doesn’t matter. The lovable characters, humorous situations and down-home warmth still captivate anyone who loves to make believe.

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Big Jon Sparkie: Over The Falls In An Airplane

Over the Falls in an AirplaneThe Beginning of a Long Voyage HomeThe Long Voyage Home
A Mysterious Speck on the Far HorizonA Big Surprise Awaits the Mayor - Part 1A Big Surprise Awaits the Mayor - Part 2
Daffodil Dilly Strikes AgainPrisoners of LoveYukie Shows Us How
Yukie Butcha to the RescueSparkie is in ControlThe Mayor Tells of His Wedding Plans
Yurie Gets Ready for the WeddingYukie Unveils an InventionThe Mayors Wedding
An Interruption in the Mayors WeddingMiss Dilly Kidnapped from the ChurchThe Great Kidnap Myster
A Telephone Mix UpThe DetectivesThe Stakeout
Detectives Sparky and Yukie Go to WorkThe Kidnappers Double Back Tripe BackEven Detectives Make Mistakes
Oz JailedThe Kidnapping Case Continues - Part 1The Kidnapping Case Continues - Part 2
Who's Who - Part 1Who's Who - Part 2Sparky Tracks Down a Clue
Sparky's Private Detective AgencyBack to NormalA Surprise for All Concerned
The Kidnappers Escape AgainWhere's Yukie NowOld Cloths is Good Clues
So Close to the Forest to See the TreesThe Prodigal ReturnsThe Return of Yukie Butcher
Yukie Looks for a LawyerYukie Sues the CityLook Who's a Lawyer
Peace and Quiet Again AlmostSparky has Plans for YukieA Sudden Change in the Climate
Not Even a Team of HorsesGoodbye My DillyA Letter from Yukie
A Mysterious Man in the Shack - Part 1A Mysterious Man in the Shack - Part 2A Mysterious Man in the Shack - Part 3
Who's Fooling WhomTrouble in the RanksSparky's Telephone Troubles
A Proposed Solution to a Serious ProblemTwelve Down Two To GoNot Much Doing
Pane in Mrs. Two Hills WindowWho's Got the TicketsOpening Day 1953
Canine MutinyWhat's Wrong with BunnyWhere Have Our Little Dogs Gone
The Dogs Get OrganizedThe Dogs Get TogetherSomeone Make Up His Mind
Want Ads Get ResultsMayors Plan Begins to WorkAlmost Captured
Dognappers Get CaughtThe Mayor Shows Them HowThe Return of Yukie Butcha
Yukie Makes a DecisionSurprise in the Barn on YukieThe Surprise in the Yukies Barn
Sparkie Drives a Racing CarMore Then One Way to Catch a FishA Quiet Day on Yukie's Farm
Yukie Hits the JackpotYukie's Radio StationThe Big Broadcast
The Ratings Are InSparkie Finds a BugSparkie's Mysterious Butterfly
The Professor SpeaksDay the Butterfly FlewOff to the Races
Yukie Trys Out His Racing CarYukie Cracks UpThe Big Little Race
Big Jon Gets a Screen JobBig Jon RecuperatesBig Jon Takes the Plunge
Big Jon Gets Company Again