The Adventures of Frank Race

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Frank Race

Former attorney Frank Race became an OSS agent during World War II, a government agency involved in top secret intelligence with international operations. When the war ended, intrigue and adventure became his business, private investigation that took him to many now-familiar distant and exotic lands. The program was aired from May 1, 1949, to February 19, 1950, when audiences were still feeling the aftermath of World War II and understood firsthand the kind of operations that Frank Race undertook.

The OSS – the Office of Strategic Services – was created during World War II by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The agency formed in 1942 was charged with collecting intelligence information, spying, leading anti-Nazi and anti-Japanese training, and developing propaganda programs. In September 1945, the month after V-J day on August 14, 1945, the OSS was dismantled by President Harry Truman, and in 1947 the post-war Central Intelligence Agency was formed, making the OSS the frontrunner to the CIA.